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10 Brilliant School Cheaters Who Are Aiming At Becoming Champions In Life

Cheating is thought to be wrong as well as immoral, yet there are some harshest and bizarre forms of cheating being applied today in schools. Students who are already brilliant in studies evade this path, but those who are not, consider themselves as brilliant school cheaters. So, in every school, there are brilliant students and brilliant cheaters existing and both are aiming at becoming champions in life. So, which is the road you wish to take to become champions?

Take a look:

#1. The Breast Way

Girls with huge boobs are in a brilliant position to cheat during exams. No one will dare sneak into their bra to see whether there’s anything hidden. So, for them to become champions in life, is not a huge task. Hence, make sure, who you next to in the examination hall?

#2. The Sole of Life

The answer is all at your feet. Well, this is very true for these brilliant school cheaters, who have all the answers to life in the sole of their shoes. Something hidden in the shoes is expected, but not something scrawled on the sole, which no one will suspect.

#3. Curly Remedy

A girl who has long curly hair has the benefit of hiding things secretly and no one will ever doubt. Hair is the most beautiful thing about a woman, which everyone adores, so there’s no chance that someone will question their beautiful curly hair for answers.

#4. Jacket Racket

Brilliant school cheaters are actually con artists, like in the movies, where they hide all the illegal stuff in their jackets. Here in the examination hall, they have all the answers embed in their jacket, so they just need to flip and take the tip, as they are aiming at becoming champions in this test of life.

#5. Pen Trick

These pens look like ordinary pens, but there’s a trick behind it. On closer observation, you will see that it’s a brilliant trick, which all students would love to possess. The answer my friend is written in the pen, so no one can stop them from becoming champions.

#6. Sleeve Swindler

When somebody has a secret plan, it usually denotes to having something up their sleeves. This is practiced highly by most of the brilliant school cheaters and many get away with it like champions.

#7. Juice Benefits

I am sure they won’t allow a juice box to be carried in the examination hall for crucial tests. But, this method many apply it during pop quizzing aiming to turn out as champions of the quiz and they do benefit from it efficiently.

#8. Hidden Thighs

Girls wearing skirts have a greater opportunity to turn champions by aiming to hide all the answers under their skirt, stuck on to their thighs. Who has the guts to shamelessly take a peek under the skirts? Not the examination officer and luckily there’s no camera under the desk.

#9. Label Lead

When all the leads to the exams are behind the label of the bottle, how can you not convert to champions? Well, they don’t allow bottles inside the exam hall but if you can, by convincing you’re sick, then you’ve won half the battle by having the bottle.

#10. Band-aid Bandit

A bandit is someone who is an outlaw and is aiming to get things illegally. During an exam wearing a band-aid, which has all the solutions hidden on the plaster’s back, is the easiest way to get a relief from failure. Pirates of the examination!

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