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12 Ways To Know If You’re His Girlfriend Or His Side Chick

Nowadays, relationships are getting more complicated and you don’t always get what exactly is happening. But there are few things you can be very certain about. Among the few things one of is whether you a girlfriend or just the side chick. Yes, this is easy to know if you are careful and observe the guy you are with. You might have observed that men are often careful about such things, they will never let the girl feel that she is not the one he loves or she is just a casual affair. They treat the side chicks the same way as a girlfriend to some extent but no matter, things don’t remain the same.

Here are the hints to find out whether you are a girlfriend or just a side chick!

1. The couple photograph

When a guy falls in love and gets in a relationship, he never minds taking plenty of pictures with her. But if he tries to avoid the topic or rather never clicks a picture with you, then you may want to rethink.

2. The emotional attachment

Guys never get emotionally attached to the girls they just casually date. This is one great way of knowing your position.

3. Attention

When you are the side chick, you hardly get his attention. He might be subtle in his ways but you sure can find out the truth.

4. Insecure about your position

If you are insecure about your position and have to remind the guy who you are, there are chances that you may be the side chick. As in general, a girlfriend knows what position she holds in the guy’s life.

5. A safe place to meet

This can have many reasons. One of these being he doesn’t want others to know about you two.

6. No strings attached

This is exactly the term that defines a side chick. If you are one, you already know what I am talking about.

7. The way his friends know you

This is one of the best ways to know what exactly you are. If your man properly introduces you in front of his friends saying you are his girlfriend then there is no problem. Otherwise, you know the rest.

8. No future

Trust me on this, a guy thinks about the future and openly talks about it with his girlfriend. If that’s not happening, you know what you are.

9. “I am out, I’ll call you when free”

If this is what you get to hear whenever you call him, you might want to rethink everything.

10. One-sided love

This doesn’t need to be explained. When in a relationship, the love isn’t mutual, then you can easily get that you are not the one.

11. PDA on the social media sites

If you are the side chick then his social media accounts will hardly have a trace of your affair.

12. If people know about you two or not

A guy never hides his girlfriend unless the situations are different. But if everything is normal and yet people have no idea about you two, well, you know what you are.






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