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15 Situations Every Short-Heightened Girl Can Relate to

The first thing a girl notices about a guy is his height, but, the same condition doesn’t go with the girls. Boys accept the girls the way they are, be it short or tall. It has been evident that boys always appear to be more interested in short-heightened girls. Guys justify it by calling them cute. But short-heightened girls have an altogether different story to narrate. Short-heightened girls are definitely cute, but there are certain situations which are a bit difficult for them to tackle.

So here are some situations every short-heightened girl will relate to!

1.There are situations when you prefer checking out yourself on your cell phone than a  mirror as you fail to reach till the mirror.

2. You never get to see the stage in a crowded place. So you pretend to be more of a music lover!

3. Upper Selves are no less than a war for you! The struggle in such situations is real.

4. Revolving chairs are no less than a fun ride for you, but it can be frustrating at time to have your legs hanging in mid-air all the time!

5. Your jeans can compensate for your socks! *Short-heightened girl things*

6. You never need sun visors in your car! Sun can never come in your way!

7. You always feel on the top of this world, but with the help of others!

8. Every short-heightened girl feels the complex when she is standing with a tall friend! *How cute!* 

9. It is possible for you to drown in a baby pool as well! You will definitely relate to this as this is one of the worst situations.

10. You always have someone by your side to lean upon!

11. Doing the laundry is so not your thing!

12. You can spare cash when purchasing garments as well as shoes by shopping in the child’s area.

13.  Your old garments from when you were a young person make for the ideal spruce up party clothing now.

14.  You never need to stress over being that impolite individual obstructing somebody’s view at a show or silver screen.

15. Every short-heightened girl will relate to this situation. The clothes you like are often way too large for you!





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