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16 Parents And Children Who Look Strikingly Similar – Take A Look!

We are a mix of our previous generations. But every once in a while, the child looks like a perfect copy of his parent, or sometimes even grandparent.

Have you ever come across a case when somebody wrongly took the old photo of your grandparent and thought it was yours? Actually, identical appearance of family members is not so uncommon after all. Before photography came into being, people could only resort to memory in order to appreciate such happenings. But now in the era of omnipresent cameras and the “selfie fever,” we have much more material to compare with.

Take a look:

#1. Grandmother & granddaughter: Isn’t it a case of cheating? Somebody had to be given two matching photos!

#2. Great-grandmother & great-granddaughter

#3. Amazing resemblance between mom and son

#4. A classical example of mother-daughter similarity

#5. Here not only the friends are similar, even the sons are too.

#6. Father and son/son and grandson

#7. Father & daughter

#8. Grandfather and grandson

#9. father and son

#10. Like father, like son

#11. “like grandfather, like grandson”

#12. Mother and daughter

#13. Mom and daughter

#14. Mother and firstborn/Daughter and firstborn

#15. Father-son or father-father, or the same person?

#16. Eleventh-generation descendant & Abraham Lincoln

Photo: ntd.tv





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