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This Elderly Man Sells Ice Cream In The Sea

Poverty in the Philippines is pushing people to resort to desperate means to earn money. Sadly, old and very young children have no choice but to work in order to help their families survive.

We’ve seen very young children selling whatever they can in the streets, while old people continue to work despite their age and health condition. Abbey Ann Hernandez and her family were on a vacation at the beach when she noticed an old man ‘swimming’ towards their boat.

At first, they thought he was just some random person swimming, but she was shocked to see that he was actually selling ice cream in the middle of the ocean.

Many netizens lauded the old man for working despite his old age, even risking his own life just to make a few bucks for his family. Other netizens were hoping to get the old man’s information so they could help him and his family.






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