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17 People Who Got A Transplant Talk About How They Feel!

These stories will touch your hearts and make you realize the importance of organ donation. Because it really does give life to another person and there is no greater gift in the world, ever than playing God even in death.

Found a video from last week when i woke up from my heart transplant. The first thing i said when i woke up was "Bloody hell, i survived? I'm the next damn superhero"


My best friend donated a kidney for me when 
I needed a kidney transplant

My best friend story trumps all of yours

I don't believe in God, but whenever I'm afraid my kidney might fail, I pray.

(I had a kidney transplant)

I spent 4 years on dialysis before getting a transplant. I feel great but all I can think about is that I could be back there at anytime

Before my transplant I ran track. After transplant I was told I may never be able to run like that again. Well I just made my high-school track team!

People ask me what my favorite body part is and I'm sure they expect me to say something like my boobs. It's actually the scar on my stomach from my transplant.