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20 Advertisements That Will Live Long In The Memory

On a daily basis we come across so many advertisements that we hardly notice them anymore. To attract the customers marketing agencies, need to reach deep into their box of tricks to direct potential customers’ attention to their products. 20 following advertisements do just that and will live long in the memory…

1. Get scrubbing… 

2. A clever move from Kleenex. I now have a desperate urge to reach for the tissues…

3. Anyone for pasta? 

4. Have a break, have a KitKat. 

5. A smart way of showing that not everyone is as well-off as we are. 

6. Brilliant white… 

7. Scratch that itch (to shop). 

8. When the bus stop becomes an oven… 

9. Here you can find out how thick safety glass is while waiting for the bus.

10. The marketing expert who came up with this certainly had his coffee that morning. 

11. A refreshing idea. 

12. Ingenious product placement.

13. This toothpaste really does stick to its promise.

13. This toothpaste really does stick to its promise. 

14. You need a clever idea to be able to market laxatives.

15. Get creative at the urinal… 

16. Well, quite…

17. Even the thickest coats don’t stand a chance. 

18. A powerful warning against spraying graffiti in the subway. 

19. Sunscreen advertisement with free samples — great! 

20. There are better ways to climb the career ladder…






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