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20 Future Inventions Everyone’s Been Waiting For

In this world, there are thousands of inventors, who have come up with often useful but mostly intriguing inventions to help make things a little less complicated.

Here is a selection of 20 such inventions, which you might not immediately recognize but that will surely make you wish they already existed in your own city or were readily available for to use in your own home.

1. Here’s a handy innovation for those who love to wear high heels

2. To avoid the toilet always being occupied, showing short films would be the way to go

3. Traffic lights that indicate the remaining waiting time are really quite clever

4. Thanks to this nifty nail polish holder, you’ll no longer need to hold the bottle with freshly painted nails.

5. A nice incentive not to litter, especially for basketball fans!

6. This cup catches anything that drips down the side, leaving your tablecloth stain-free

7. This little rubber mat keeps your brush free of hair and is so easy to use

8. Your headphone wires can be easily pulled apart but won’t ever get tangled up again. The built-in zipper function puts an end to this.

9. You can now safely charge your cellphone suspended next to the plug socket with this useful invention, rather than leaving it on the floor where it’s at risk of being trodden on

10. Scissors and Scotch tape all-in-one

11. This plug socket has an integrated extension cable

12. This simple gimmick makes it easy to get out those last chips stuck at the bottom

13. How to make your own drinking fountain

14. A cute little puppy with its very own umbrella

15. A sanitary door pull that uses your feet rather than your hands — genius idea

16. A portable humidifier that can be attached to any water bottle.

17. A desk that attaches to the balcony balustrade so you can do your work in the open air

18. A pizza vending machine that delivers a freshly baked pizza of your choice within two and a half minutes

19. What goes up must come down: for those who can’t be bothered taking the steps, they can always just slide on down!

20. Not only does this bookmark tell you what page you got up to but also what line.






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