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Amazing Barber Gives Free Hair Cuts And School Supplies To Kids Because The First Impression Matters

The first day of the school is always memorable and will have mixed feeling. However, the first impression matters to kids who would want to feel like home. Realizing the issues, a barber in Alabama gives free hair cuts and school supplies to 100 kids.

Perfect Line Barber Shop manager Robert Banks doesn’t do it as a part of PR or out of pity. He just wants the kids to feel great on their first day.

He said: “Their appearance matters. The first day of school is the best day of school.”

He believes that he can have a positive influence of this community just by showing their kids their potential. He has been organizing the “Annual Back To School Support and Supplies” event at his shop in Ensley, Alabama, for three years now.

He explained: “In this community, we have a lack of education, high crime rate, so these children are our future … So if we can give to the children now, and let them see us giving back, when they get older, they’ll give back. It’ll be a cycle. It’ll be a transformation.”

He wants to install belief in children that they are capable of making their dreams a reality.

While cutting a boy’s hair who gave a sudden grin, Robert said: “Seeing the children smile out there playing, that makes my day right there. That’s all I need to do … See that little smirk he just did right there? That’s all I need to see right there. That little smile.”

This man needs more appreciation and hopefully many will follow his ways and do their bit to the people in need.






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