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The Best Way To Trap A Mouse.

Most of the people and especially farmers would have encountered problems from mouse. You’ll enjoy the cute little creature until it’s in your backyard. It’s not that easy to get rid of it once it’s inside. If you are not happy with the pest control which is not giving you the desired results then try this mouse trap which you can prepare in your home.

Just make sure you are ready with the following items:

  • Wooden slat, 17 inches long
  • Wire hanger
  • 2 liter plastic bottle
  • 3 Screws
  • 3 Washers
  • Laundry pegs or paper clips

Cut off a 2.5 in long piece of the wood.


Then use pliers to cut 10 in and 5 in pieces of wire hanger.


Bend both pieces into the shapes shown below. Bend the longer piece at a 90-degree angle with a hook on one end, and the shorter piece at a 90-degree angle with a hook on both ends.

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Remove any label from the bottle and mark its balance point. You can find this by placing the bottle on a pencil and moving it until you notice it is balanced.


About half an inch away from the first point, mark a second one in the direction of the bottle neck. Mark the same points on the other side of the bottle.


Drill a hole at the second point through the entire bottle.


Next, attach the longer piece of the wire hanger to the longer piece of wood. The wire should be between the wood and a washer. Don’t tighten the screw completely. You should still be able to move the wire to make adjustments.

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Poke the straight piece of wire through the bottle. Make sure the bottle isn’t touching the wood, otherwise the trap won’t work.


Attach the shorter piece of wire to the small piece of wood as shown. Again, place the wire between the wood and a washer, and don’t fully tighten the screw yet.


Now you can attach the small piece of wood onto the longer one in front of the open bottle.


All that is left is a bit of fine adjusting to make sure there isn’t a big gap between the wood and bottle. This way the mouse will stay in its place.


You can fasten the bottle with a clothes peg or paper clip so it doesn’t move.


A touch of something sweet like jam or honey in the neck of the bottle works great as tempting bait.


Once the mouse smells the sugar, it’ll find a way into the bottle…


…without a way back out. Don’t forget to check your trap daily. If you let the little guy starve to death, you did all this work for nothing. To release your captive, just remove the bottle from the wire and set it on the ground.


Watch the video to get the complete details.