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Character Artist Illustrates Himself And His Girlfriend In 10 Different Cartoon Styles

This past holiday, sketch artist Kells O’Hickey opted for a super creative gift for his girlfriend, using his god-given talent.

He drew his girlfriend (count ’em) ten times using different cartoon styles, some of which you’re sure to recognize.

He told BuzzFeed, “I had drawn a few pictures of Lindsay and I in Futurama and Adventure Time styles previously, and her reaction had given me an idea — I should draw us in my interpretation of the styles of all the shows we’ve watched.

He says he’s always had a huge interest in cartoons and animation, and as he and Lindsay have been dating, she’s developed an interest of her own. Check out the drawings!

1. Like The Simpsons.

2. Bob’s Burgers.

3. And how about this black-and-white, old-school style?

4. Then there’s Rick and Morty.

5. And Family Guy.

6. He didn’t forget South Park!

7. Then there’s the couple — Adventure Time–style.

8. Steven Universe.

9. He even drew himself and Lindsay like Dragon Ball Z.

10. And threw in this beautiful version of them as a modern-day, Disney-like couple for good measure. Lovely!





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