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Couple Pose For Maternity Shoot, Suddenly Photographer Asks Mom To Turn Around And She’s Shocked!

Maternity photoshoots are a new trend that new parents want to do. It lets them come to really celebrate the life growing and ready to be welcomed into the world.

Many couples will put in a great deal of time and effort when it comes to the preparation for these types of shoots. Rich and Jasmine are popular video bloggers and you may have heard of their YouTube channel, which is called A Rich and Jazzy Life (of course). When the video begins, Jasmine explains to the audience that she needs to touch up her makeup before the shoot begins.

Jasmine heads into the mall to handle her business and at this time, Rich decides to take over the video. It is at this time that he makes the big reveal: he is going to propose to Jasmine at the maternity shoot and she is none the wiser. He’s got the ring, he’s got the blessing of her father and while their little girl Reign knows what’s up, she is far too small to ruin the surprise.

When the couple makes their way to a scenic park waterfall, Jasmine is looking radiant in pink and the baby is seemingly due any second now. The photographer (who is also in on Rich’s gambit) snaps photo after photo of the happy couple, before instructing Jasmine to pose by herself with her back turned so that Rich is able to execute his clever plan.

Jasmine is distracted and this allows Rich to sneak up behind her and get down on one knee with the ring in hand. She has no clue what is taking place and when she finally turns around, she is greeted by Rich, who is ready to pop the question. Best of all, this entire sequence of events was caught on camera, so that the couple will be able to look back on what took place for years and years to come.

Proposals do not have to be excessively predictable and Rich definitely deserves kudos for taking the time to think up such an awesome plan. If you would like to see this thoughtful proposal/maternity shoot for yourself, then be sure to check out the video below and pass it along to the lovebirds in your life.





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