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Dad Grabs 1-Year-Old Son Opens Bathroom Door To Run From Fire

The whole world celebrated the coming of the new year, but, unfortunately, one Ruffin, North Carolina, woman sat by the hospital bed of her husband and young child. Abby Lucas’ husband, Shane, and her son, Stephen, suffered severe burns when their house caught fire just three days after Christmas.

“I feel like I’m going to wake up any moment and this will have all just been a really bad dream,” Abby told WFMY. “But I can’t break down because my family needs me.”

According to neighbors, the Lucas family had just finished renovations to their home. Now, there’s nothing but a pile of burnt rubble where the house once stood.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Neighbor Judy Scott told WGHP as she examined the aftermath of the home. “There were fire trucks all in my yard, that’s when I saw the flames,” she recalled.

Now, her husband and her little son are nursing their burns and lung damage in the hospital. Doctors expect them to pull through, and it’s all due to the quick actions of Abby’s husband.

“My husband heard a ‘pop’ in the house,” she described. “Him and my son were in the bathroom and when he walked out there was nothing but flames and fire everywhere.

“So he grabbed what he could, and covered our son and ran out of the house,” Abby continued.

“They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t by the grace of God and his bravery and determination to get them out of the house.”

Through her hardship, Abby remained optimistic. She believes that her family only survived due to divine intervention.

“It’s truly a miracle,” she said. “God was really looking out for them because our house burned to the ground.

“There is nothing. But that doesn’t even matter because my husband and son are alive and they can’t be replaced,” Abby concluded.

Although the whole family New Year’s Eve in the hospital, Abby didn’t let it get in the way of tradition.

“We’ve watched the ball drop on the TV every year, and I was not about to miss a New Year’s Eve kiss with him because I’m not starting my year off that way,” she said.

“I couldn’t really kiss his face because I couldn’t get to it, but I kissed his arm. And I read bible scripture to him while we watched the ball drop.”






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