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Doctor Goes To Prom With Severely Disabled Teen!

This is an incredible story of a doctor and his patient. It all started when Paige Walls was born, the parents were happy seeing their little child entering the world until they came to know that something was wrong with the baby. The girl was suffering from repeated seizures and the parents took her to hospital where the doctor dismissed it as just first time parent worries. But, the mother refused to give up and stayed back and Paige had another seizure. Upon seeing this Dr. James A. Lewis became the child’s doctor, advocate and got very attached to her.


Paige was diagnosed with CDKL5 , a rare X-linked genetic disorder that results in early onsets and difficult to control seizures. To make it worse it also has severe neuro-developmental impairment, there was only 800 kids with this disease when she was diagnosed with this.

Dr. James has been a vital part of girl right from her childhood and he was a part of a family now. So, it was not surprising when she asked him to accompany her to the prom to which the doctor obliged.

Read this cute letter from the girl asking him to accompany her.


And this is how they looked on the big day.


It is such a touching story, it gives you a good feeling for sure.