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Four 5th Grade Boys Dress Like Babies For Talent Show. Have Audience Dying Of Laughter

We all used to have the school talent show which was the most exciting time of the year. It’s always fun to watch everyone’s performances.

At the end of the 2017 school year, the New Braunfels Christian Academy in Texas held its own talent show for students.

One of the performance has been recorded by a parent and uploaded to YouTube, and since then four 5th-graders went viral superstardom.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 12th 2017, by Randy Benson. He is the father of Mason, one of the boys featured in the performance. The four-and-a-half-minute clip shows the MCs of the talent show introducing the boys: Rider, Hunter, Mason, and Graham.

With that, a black sheet is pulled from a large box-like object, exposing four heads and pairs of arms attached to what appear to be baby-sized bodies.

Within a few seconds, the opening notes of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” begin playing as the first boy in the lineup lip-synchs along:

“I stay out too late, got nothing in my brain. That’s what people say, ou ou… “

During the performance, each boy sings a line or two of the song, but just when you think the act is settling down, they start doing a choreographed dance routine with the hilarious, onesie-clad bodies.

As Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” ends, the music suddenly shifts and the mini performers grab hats and bats, tossing and hitting baseballs with their itty-bitty, baby bodies.

After a few seconds, the music switches again, and the iconic beginning notes of “Kung Fu Fighting” being to play.

As the boys continue their routine, the audience is in stitches.

In this way, the boy’s continued their performance until the end, changing songs and moves, and cracking up the entire audience in the process.

Since being uploaded to YouTube in May of 2017, the boys’ performance has garnered over 4.5 MILLION YouTube views and over 31,000 likes.

Watch the hilarious performance here:






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