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Hair Heck: DIY Reverse Braid In Under 2 Minutes!

If you wanna try new looks and style with your long hair, then this woman creates a simple and easy DIY hairstyle, that doesn’t look simple at all. Mindy, who created Cute Girl Hairstyle videos on Youtube, shows us how to do it!

This style is a braid, which she says is a kind of reverse Dutch braid which looks like a cross between a skeleton braid and a mermaid braid. If you’re not familiar with these terms, let’s look at each.

Dutch braid:

Like a French braid, in this too, you make a plait while keep adding strands of hair to it while braiding. What makes Dutch braid different is that instead of crossing the hair from the top or over each other, here it is passed side to side underneath.

Quick tips on how to make it:

At the top of your head, grab a section of hair and part it into three equal strands. Bring the right strand under the middle strand and do the same with the left strand. Add some hair from the right and repeat the process. Add some hair from the left and repeat the process. Continue till you reach the end, and then add an elastic to secure it. Voila! Your Dutch braid is done!

Skeleton braid:

Another type of braid that looks amazing on anyone who gets it done. Its complex to look at and layered. This one is not quite a DIY thing, but you don’t need to go to a salon. You want to get this done, use this opportunity to bond with mom, cousins, friends, and ask them to do it on your hair.

Quick steps:

Create a regular three plait braid in the middle of the hair. Then pull a bit of the strand of the plait on the left side and insert a strand from the top left. Do the same with the right. Use two fingers to create a gap in the plait to insert strand. Do it right till the end and then secure it with a tie band. Your skeleton braid is ready to be shown off.

Mermaid braid:

This style looks intricate, layered and beautiful, but it is very easy to make. You can also dress it up or down. This one’s perhaps the easiest to do.

Here’s how you do it:

Divide all your hair into two parts. Make two regular, three strand plaits with the two parts of the hair. It should be done in a way that one plait is on your left and the other on your right. Link both up with bobby pins from top to bottom in a way that it looks like one braid . You can also make the same with two French or Dutch braids if you want a dressier look. Your mermaid braid is ready!

Reverse Dutch braid:

Now that you have an idea of these braids, let us look at this interesting reverse Dutch braid, which looks like the combination of all three. Sounds complicated? It’s not. It is so easy that you could do it on your own hair. And it can be done under two minutes. So, if you are looking for a style but are running short on time this is your hairdo. Make sure you pay attention to this hack to get it right.

Unlike other plaits, this one is braided in the front. While doing it, you could easily look like a man with a fancy beard. But when it is flipped over your head, it changes the look completely! Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyle shows this simple hack on Kamri’s long and beautiful hair.

Step by step guidance:

Part the hair in two parts and bring them to the front. Mindy says that the easiest way to start is to keep all the hair behind the ears including the front of the hair except for the hair right above the ears. Join the hair from both sides starting by creating a three-strand plait. Another trick Mindy says is a must do is to leave at least two fingers gap under the chin to be able to turn the hair back. Then follow the Dutch braid style of plaiting. Once you’ve reached the bottom, secure it with a tie-band. Then, very carefully turn the braid over the face to put it behind your head. Keep your fingers under the chin to gently take the braid over your chin, nose, and put it where it belongs. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful and complex it looks! And to think this can be done under two minutes.

Some pointers:

To sustain the look of this gorgeous braid, or any of the above mentioned braids the following points need to be kept in mind: These are suited only on medium to long hair. Freshly shampooed hair may require spray, mousse, gel to keep the hair in place. Ideally hair washed a day or two ago is best for these hairstyles





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