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Here’s What Happens When You Get To Level 30 On Pokémon Go


No matter how good you are at Pokémon Go, you’re probably not as good as this person.

On Sunday, Reddit user Verigood — a product manager at a software company in California — shared a screengrab from Pokémon Go that they captured at the point of reaching Level 30.

Verigood is clearly very good at catching pocket monsters, because they’re already at Level 31.  The product manager from California decided to show off their mad skills by posting a series of screenshots on Reddit to show us mere mortals what being at the top of your Poke-game looks like.

Just check out their highest CP Pokémon



Pretty tasty, and apparently it only took him 12-14 hours of playtime.

Check out all the bonuses you get when you’re up there too:


It looks like they used the mass-evolving method to get this far, also buying 58 lucky eggs to make sure they could double down on experience:


Regular Pokemon apparently get consistently harder to catch, but not because they run away:


But don’t worry he hasn’t actually caught them all yet, after all nobody can be that perfect.