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Here’s Why You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover.

We often come to a judgement as soon as we see a person and all our reactions will be based on the judgement we have formed on that person. But, sometimes the judgement we have formed might totally be wrong.

Jay Weinstein was on a tour to Bikaner Of Rajasthan in India. He spotted a man that piqued his interest. His first desire was to photograph the stranger, but the look of fierce intimidation stopped him in his tracks.
He wrote: “Camera lens focused, my finger poised to fire. ‘Smile’, I called out. And he was transformed. His face radiated warmth, his eyes sparkled with a Humor I had completely missed. Even his posture softened. I knew then what my next project would be. So I Asked Them To Smile was born. I wanted to document the effect of the human smile on a strangers face.

In the days, months and years that followed, I asked random people on my photography adventures (mostly on the streets of India) to pose unsmiling and with a smile. These images are the heart of my project. Its goal is to recreate the mindset from which we view a stranger, and then witness as our assumptions transform with their smile.”

Here are some pictures that tells you not to judge a stranger on their first impression.


Credit: Jay Weinstein


Credit: Jay Weinstein


Credit: Jay Weinstein


Credit: Jay Weinstein