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These Identical Twins Hardly Recognize Each Other After The Perfect Makeover

From birth, identical twins already have a very special bond. They stay best friends their whole life and no siblings have ever had such a bond.

Candy and Penny are those kind of twins. Although they live in different states, these sisters share the same career, the same haircut, and often wear the same outfit without even planning it. And now, after 52 years of doing mostly everything the same, they’ve decided it’s time to differentiate themselves. And the Today Show makeover team is going to help them do just that! Watch the video below to see the twins’ amazing transformation.

Both Candy and Penny look amazing post-makeover. They look so good that they, in fact, hardly recognize each other when they’re finally brought face-to-face.

Candy’s hair was extremely layered, so the stylists had to work with what they had. They kept her hair medium-length, because they felt the longer hair flattered her face better than a pixie cut might. They also gave the layers some definition, and added some highlights at the ends of her hair and around her face.


Penny’s bangs were taken away and pushed to the side. Some of the bulk was taken out of her hair and her color (and, by the way, Penny had never colored her hair before) was lightened up a bit.


Besides the gorgeous haircuts, both women were given full faces of makeup and new designer digs to take home.

And, the cherry on top, both Candy and Penny were given bags filled with their exact coloring formula and directions, so they can maintain their new looks at home for as long as they want!