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Mom Is Scared To Open Door After Teen Is Seen Waving At Security Camera But It Turns Out

This is a scary story that was actually about a good Samaritan in action. When Billy Bird found a stranger’s wallet in Walmart, he knew exactly what he needed to do.

Billy says he spotted the wallet in a shopping cart at Walmart. He opened it up to see if he could find a driver’s license to identify who had left it behind, but he found way more than that inside.

The wallet was stuffed with $400 in cash, as well as credit cards, gift cards, and the driver’s license he was searching for.

Billy, who drives for Lyft, decided he might as well bring the wallet back to where it belonged. He took a break from his route and headed to the address on the driver’s license.

It was about 12:30 a.m. when Billy rang the doorbell at Pua Valdez’s house. She didn’t answer, but Billy doesn’t blame her. He says, “I was scared too. I mean, I wouldn’t open the door either. It was 12:30 at night.”

After waiting for a while by the door, Billy realized there was a camera near the doorbell. He leaned in and spoke directly to it, saying: “I found somebody’s wallet that lives at this address, and I just want to leave it here at your front door.”

Then, he left.

For a while, Pua didn’t know Billy’s identity. He was just a kind stranger who had gone above and beyond to do a nice thing for her. But when the story made the news, people recognized Billy, and they started to reach out so that he could get the credit he deserved.

Check out the video below to meet Billy and Pua, and





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