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Moments Before Nuptials  Groom Grabs Brides Hand And Takes Her To The Side, She Then Realizes Who She’s Marrying

Getting married is huge deal. We are promising to spend the rest of our lives with one person and hope that everything turns out well! But there are always those nagging doubts about the stability of the person we are going to marry!

Maggie Earwood’s wedding was a special one, as she was able to find out exactly type of person she was going to marry before they even walked down the aisle. Caleb Earwood is a United States Marine Corps corporal and he decided that there was one thing he simply needed to do before the wedding could take place.

They needed to pray together and they needed to pray together right now. This moment was captured by their wedding photographer and is one of the more touching things that we have ever seen. Even he could not keep his composure and he’s been snapping wedding photos for several years now.

Caleb asked God to bless the couple’s marriage and in his mind, there was no way that they could take their first steps together as a couple without placing themselves in God’s hands. Maggie’s heart was bursting with love and happiness on this special day and we cannot think of a better way to start off a marriage than this.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the time this moment was over and if you would like to share this special moment with the couple and a few of your closest friends and family members, be sure to grab a box of Kleenex before passing it along.





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