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People Are Saying This Dance Craze Is TOO Exciting. I Didn’t Blink Once!


Looking to work on your rhythm or interested in taking a new dance class? Keep kizomba in mind. Originating from the Southern African country of Angola, kizomba is both a music genre and dance style. Kizomba also translates as ‘party’ in Kimbundu, one of the languages spoken by the Bantu group.

You might be more familiar with semba, which began a few decades earlier in the 1950s. If you haven’t heard of semba, it is based on traditional African dance and colonial European influences. One of the most characteristic movements in this style is massemba, or the touch of the bellies. If you’ve seen this dance before, you’ll notice that the moves are playful and quick.

Kizomba, on the other hand, is slow, smooth, and sensual, which makes it great for dancers at any level. The most important thing about this dance is connection. Check out some photos and facts of kizomba below, and sign up for a class near you!





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