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A River Of 10,000 Books Flood The Streets Of Toronto


Literature Vs Traffic is an ongoing project by Luzinterruptus, an anonymous group that carries out urban interventions in public spaces.

What they did recently is mind-blowing! For their latest installation, the artistic collective turned one of Toronto’s busiest streets into a river of 10,000 glowing books, and as you can see from the pictures, the result is amazing.

The installation was part of Nuit Blanche 2016, an art festival that takes place over the course of one sleepless night. The books were donated by the Salvation Army and over 50 volunteers worked over 12 days to fill the busy downtown Hagerman Street with a flowing river of illuminated books.

“Thus, a city area which is typically reserved for speed, pollution and noise, will become, for one night, a place for quietness, calm and coexistence illuminated by the vague, soft light coming out of the lighted pages,” said the artists on their website. “The books will be there for those who want to take them so the installation will recycle itself and will last as long as users want it there.” The installation only lasted around ten hours, but we’re sure it’ll be remembered for much, much longer.

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