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Russia Is All Set To Create Robot Soldiers For Emergency Situations


Russia is all set to revolutionize war with the creation of ‘robot soldiers’.

Affectionately known as Ivan the Terminator, is a humanoid military robot developed in Russia. This terrifying new robot soldier is part of the country’s latest high-tech weaponry.

For years Russia has been trying to keep up with the US and China, which are building robot, drones, and other military hi-tech machines with great success.


The aim of the Russian soldier to ‘replace the person in the battle or in emergency areas where there is a risk of explosion, fire, high background radiation, or other conditions harmful to humans’, reported Russian newspaper Komosomolskaya Pravd.

It seems Russian’s are pretty damn serious about this ambitious project, adding “the development of a special military robot is one of the priorities of military construction in Russia.”


These robots can drive cars automatically by scanning the roads ahead of them. The fact is that these machines will be remotely controlled, and fears that they could the freedom to act independently in future which is a terrifying thought.

These robots even mimic the exact movements of a human, with a special controlled suit that is worn by the robots operator.

In addition to the robot soldier, Russia is developing aerial drones, tank drones, and other robotic military vehicles.