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She Saw Light After Darkness For Fifty Long Years

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We hope this mother’s day was special for you the way it was this old granny. In fact, this was the best one for her in past 50 years.

She lives in Australia and she had her vision return after a whopping 50 years of total blindness. The timing of this event cannot have been better as she was headed for an extremely special holiday.

An unbelievably rare surgical operation was carried on 70-year-old Fran Laver at the Sydney Eye Hospital. What followed was a miracle as it made her to see again. What’s even more heart warming is that she will now be able to see her four grandchildren for the first time ever


Fran was suffering from Stevens-Johnson syndrome which slowly robbed her of her sight. This optical disorder is contracted as a response to medication and can vary from a mere rash to something much shoddier, causing fatality.

Fortunately, the symptoms Fran has been tormenting, from are now being overturned as doctors have reinstated her corneas, giving her the ability to see once again.

Dr Mark Gorbatov, one of the surgeons who operated Fran described the procedure as a “miracle”.

Fran now can see faces and read large print.  What’s made this surgery even more amazing is the fact that it was performed just in time for Mother’s Day.

Now she can see her family again. Fran said that her first precedence is to read a bedtime story to her grandchildren…..How Sweet.