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Sexy Female Pilot Becomes Internet Star By Posting Hot Bikini And Cockpit Selfies

In 2017 is a year when Donald Trump got elected as a president of United States that washed feminism from all over the world like a natural disaster. It was the same year when a woman rose up to fight for patriarchy and prove that women are also capable to do things that men do. This inspired a lot of women to come into the world’s spotlight. One of the examples is Maria Pettersson, a 32-year old female pilot who is taking down the internet by posting her hot bikini and cockpit selfies.

Swedish female pilot, Maria who is not only flying in the sky but also grabbing the attention of a lot of people. She is showing off what’s it like to live a wanderlust life. On her Instagram page @PilotMaria she posted a lot of hot selfies which quickly became the sensation of the internet. She has over 400k followers on the Instagram in which she posts her cockpit selfies, surfing, in bikinis or in some of the yoga poses. Maria is proud of accomplishing such a goal, traveling around the world and loving what she does. She has also posted on her blog about her career being a pilot, “When I decided I wanted to become a pilot I worked hard to save up for flight training. Hard work paid off became reality and I am very happy to be where I am today flying 737NG around Europe.”

1. Beauty At Its Best

2. Yoga Posing In Bikini

3. She Also Said, ” My story is about strong females in a male-dominated environment, Proving that we are just as good as them. Believing in ourselves and keeping a positive attitude towards life.”

4. It’s the bikinis and cockpit selfies that made her an internet sensation.

5. She also posted her photographs under motivational quotes which inspires a lot of women.

6. She Told, “I loved the positive feedback I was getting and all the curious questions from young aviators asking about how to become a pilot or flight simulator pilots asking about a specific procedure.”

7. Maria Pettersson Also Said, “After posting a few aviation related photos I realized how much bigger the world of aviation really is, There is everything from pilots, ground crew, flight spotters, flight simulator pilots- the list can be long.”

8. According to Maria, Wealth is not required to pursue your dreams. She Said, “I never thought to become a pilot was an option for me due to the high costs and the fact that most pilots were men, Before starting my training I worked and saved for most of the costs. In the end, mine cost me around 65,000 euros.”

9.  She Said, “The more I thought about it the more I wanted it and I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I was 24 at the time. I worked hard to save for the costs of flight training and studied even harder. Hard work pays off and my dream became reality.”

10. “For me so far the toughest challenge has been to get that first flying job. The competition was tough and many unemployed pilots fighting for the same job. It took me years. I’m very lucky to be where I am today flying a young fleet of Boeing 737 around Europe.”

11. Perfect Body Of A Hot Female Pilot.

12. Flying In The Sky.






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