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Stranger Helps After Mom’s Car Broke Down With Kids

The mother of four beautiful girls Tawny Nelson’s life has been hard after her ex left her and she became a single mother. It was one rainy day, when the situation became worse and she was stuck.

Her only mode of transportation was her truck, and “the truck was a mess.” She constantly need to refill the flat tire of the truck, even the driver-side window motor was dead, and it needed a new alternator belt. Due to which she only use the truck when it is emergency.

“The other day we desperately needed to go to the store. So we loaded up and drove to the Winn Dixie about 9 blocks away,” she wrote. It was already dark when they finished their grocery shopping and they were caught in the pouring rain.

She put her kids and kept the groceries into the car and then got in the driver’s seat.

“Tried to crank it….nothing. No click. Nothing,” she said. Mistakenly, one of her girls had left a light on, and the car battery was dead.




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