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Surprising! A Mother Gives Birth To A Baby After Her Death.


This a very rare case not many would have come across such an incident, a baby was born 107 days after his mother died. Sandra Pedro got to know she is pregnant for the second time and decided to go to the hospital. However, the doctor advised her not to take the risk as she had a long list of medical problems like pneumonia, heart problems and she was also in a coma.


But, Sandra decided to go ahead. Unfortunately she was forced to intensive care unit because of a brain haemorrhage and she was declared dead.

Surprisingly, when they checked on the baby it showed all the vital signs which was a new scenario for the medical staff. The medical staff and Sandra’s family decided to continue with the pregnancy and took a chance to ensure the viability of the fetus.


The next few months were the hardest to the whole family. They had to deal with the lifeless body of their loving Sandra but everyone digested that fact and hoped the baby would be fine.

Finally, after 107 days the miracle happened and the baby was born in a healthy condition with minor worries. The credit should also go to the medical team who worked around the clock to make this happen. Some members admitted that they wept after seeing the baby.98a80113892dff4b0a05a76e70594fe2


Sandra would be happy to see his baby entering the world, and may her soul RIP.