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These Tips Will Help You Say Goodbye To Your Belly Bloat.


This is the problem most women had to face and it is one of the worst experience. So, if you are one of those people who want to get rid of this then these tips might just be perfect to you.

Ditch the sodium

You might enjoy all the processed food but you got do without them as it contains salt. You will retain body when unhealthy sodium is consumed which leaves you with a bigger appearance.

Replace your starch consumption

Replace starch with brown rice which is high in fiber. Some starch contribute to bloating.

No spicy food

When you consume spicy food stomah acid are released which caused irritation allows your belly to balloon up fast. So, it is advised not to eat spicy food.

Check if you are lactose intolerant

Many do not that lactose intolerance could cause belly bloat. Check out whether you are lactose intolerant and avoid food rich in lactose such as milk or ice cream.

Drink green tea

Switch to green tea which acts as a natural diuretic which forces you increase the number of trips to toilet and get rids of stored water.

Eat potassium-rich foods

Banana is considered to be the best when it comes to high potassium content and useful in reducing bloat.

Avoid carbonated drinks

Canned soda and juices contain carbon di oxide gas to keep it fizzy. And these drinks are a big NO as it makes your tummy stand out.

Limit sugar alternatives

Some alternatives contain sorbitol which might result in bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Chew food thoroughly

Many people do not do this essential part properly. Improper chewing results in bacterial gas which causes bloating.

Increase vegetables, fruits and fiber intake slowly

No doubt these are all essential for a good diet but it is equally important to take it slowly as you should time to your digestive system to get adjusted to the new diet.


Make sure you walk for at least for 15 minutes everyday which is enough to get your intestines going and also workout for 30 minutes.

Eat small meals

When people overeat it results in bloating so make sure you eat small meals.