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This Tropical Island Prison Is The ‘Mecca’ For All The Prisoners

You would not mind to be a prisoner in this stunning prison and be careful before seeing this, as you might force yourself to commit a crime just to get into this prison.

The fort Jefferson that was built by the US army in 1846 to fight pirates sailing the Caribbean Sea, served as a refugee for officers and soldiers and also for their weapons and military warehouses. It became a home for the prisoners and deserters during the civil war.

Dr. Samuel Alexander, who was involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was one of its most talked about prisoners. The building was turned over to the Marine Hospital Service, which turned it into a quarantine station.

It was declared as a National Monument by the President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. You can also pay a visit and tour the area.

You need to ride a ferry, private yachts or aboard chartered seaplanes. It was built to protect the nation’s gateway to the Gulf of Mexico.

It was also used to hold prisoners during civil war. Though it is creepy, you just cannot ignore the beauty.





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