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A Massive Storm Struck These Islands Blowing Away the Sand and Soil – What Villagers Discovered Was Unbelievable!

Villagers Found Something Incredible After A Storm Hit Their Island

A massive storm took apart the Scottish archipelago of Orkney which cleared away the grass and sand from a large mound called “Skerrabra”. Even though the storm killed around 200 people, it helped in revealing something amazing.

The remains of an ancient village was discovered by the villagers, stone buildings which had no roofs outlined the giant mound. William Watt of Skaill was the land owner of this area.

After discovering that there was something rare, he started an amateur excavation of the site which was abandoned after four houses were unearthed.

The village is now called as “Skara Brae” is believed to be built even before the construction of Egypt’s pyramids, according to the researchers.

The buildings were repurposed throughout its 600-year history and the researchers believe that around 100 people could have inhabited this area as the site was not too large.

According to the site orkneyjar.com; “Each house shares the same basic design – a large square room, with a central fireplace, a bed on either side and a shelved dresser on the wall opposite the doorway.

In its lifetime, Skara Brae became embedded in its own rubbish and this, together with the encroaching sand dunes, meant the village was gradually abandoned.”

It does look like an amazing place and I am sure people would just love to spend some time there. It is also sad to see such an amazing place going unnoticed.





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