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Watch The Astounding Moments Doctors Pulled Out Five Babies

Doctors told a pregnant mother-to-be Alexandra Kinova from the Czech Republic an unexpected surprise. Doctors told her that she wouldn’t be giving birth to the twins she thought she’d be having at the beginning of her pregnancy.

She is going to be mom of more than two children. Initially, she was told that she’d be having triplets. Further tests, outnumbered the number to four before a fifth baby was detected soon afterward.

Commenting on the extremely rare occurrence, head nurse Gabriela Kalouskova said, “we’ve never had quintuplets! It was wonderful and unique.” Indeed, the odds of having quintuplets are 50 million-to-one. The reports stated that this was the first set of quins to be born in the Czech Republic. However, the surprises didn’t end there.

She conceived conceived naturally and hadn’t taken any fertility pills, that’s what makes her pregnancy astounding. Women usually give birth to twins or more children when they’ve undergone treatment for problems with conceiving.

Alexandra and her husband Antonin had actually hoped for a little sister for their son, who was four at the time. “I wanted a large family, but I didn’t expect it to be this big,” said Alexandra.

In 2013, she gave birth to all five children, four boys and a girl, by C-section. They’re called Michael, Daniel, Martin, Alex, and Terezka.

The couple were financially not strong to take care of five children so many people sent them donations to help support the new arrivals.

Their hometown Milovice provided them with a larger apartment and two helpers. Items such as baby clothes and strollers were donated by people who had been touched by their story.

You can see Alexandra during her pregnancy in the following video 

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