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Watch The Reaction Of This Panda When They Try To Take Away His Favorite Toy


When all of us were young we had those little toys that we would play with, but there was one particular toy that we would just not let out of sight. For some people its stuffed animals, teddy bears, for some others, its balls and cars or action figures. When we look back to those days our minds are filled with joy and we get a pleasant feeling.

Humans aren’t the only ones that get attached to toys. In the video below you’ll watch an adorable panda named Xiao Liwu who has been with the San Diego Zoo since birth in 2002. He has lived at the zoo his whole life, yet you cannot consider pandas to be domesticated. However he has grown attached to a particular item just like humans would.

Prepare to have your heart warmed!

In this footage Xiao Liwu is still pretty young, maybe a couple of months old. When playtime is over, he just refuses to let go off the ball.

What do you feel about the cuddly little panda? Isn’t he just adorable!

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