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‘The World’s Thinnest Dog’ Finds The Perfect Home.

You can give all the best treatment to the needy but sometimes love and affection can work more than the treatment. That is exactly what William, the world’s thinnest dog needed. Rachel Butler rescued the dog and she became so attached that it also walked the aisle alongside her at the wedding.

“Having William at the ceremony made us both feel so proud at how far he has come,” said Butler.

“He is the thinnest dog I have seen in the 10 years I have been an inspector. You can see every single bone in his body.”

“When he was brought into the RSPCA’s care he was close to death. But on our wedding day his tail did not stop wagging.”

Instead of the average healthy weight of 22 pounds, William weighed 6.5 pounds. In order to stay warm, he had to constantly be wrapped in a towel.

The previous didn’t really care for the puppy and were banned from having animals in their care for life and had to do 35 hours of unpaid work.

All in all, William eventually got his happy ending when he was adopted by Butler. He's fully recovered and healthy.

Rachel adopted the dog and now it is fully recovered and healthy.