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You’ll Hopefully Need These Things To Survive The End Of The World


With land lines down, and cell service intermittent, you’re going to need a reliable source of communication with your group. These two way radios have a 3.5 hour (continuous use) batter life, and a 9 hour standby battery life. With a max range (unobstructed) of 5KM these are the perfect long and short range comm tool. 4 Pack of 22 Channel 3KM Long Range Walkie Talkies – $36.99 Get it HERE


We all know you can’t be trusted with a real weapon. Whether this just makes you feel better, or you want to train your kids to shoot so they can grow up and become the man you never were, this Crossbow with suction cup darts and target will help keep them distracted while honing their lethal skills. Crossbow with foam darts and target – $31.99 Get it HERE


You’re scared, you’re definitely not a badass and have no clue what to do, but atleast you can pretend to with this familiar vest from everyone’s favorite zombie slaying badass. Daryl Dixon Vest – $32.99 Get it HERE


When the grid goes down and the power goes out, you’re gonna need to find another way to update your facebook page and check in at each new location. Complete with a flashlight, USB charger, and am / fm radio this will be a life saver. Hand Crank Powered Emergency Flashlight, Radio, Power Bank for iphone / smart phone – $17.99 Get it HERE


There’s sure to be all kinds of dust and debris, not to mention toxic chemicals in the air. Protect yourself with this affordable respirator. Vktech Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles – $8.99 Get it HERE


You won’t have time to prep a fancy 5 star meal as your running from zombies, or enemey factions, or aliens, or all of the above. This ultra light, extrmeley portable mini-stove is all you will need to get the job done and feed your crew. Etekcity Ultralight Camping Stoves – $11.99 Get it HERE


Along with the loss of power and basic government services, a shortage of drinkable water will quickly become a reality. These water purification tablets are also handy to keep in your car, or any time you go hiking, camping, etc. Water Purification Tablets – $7.99 Get it HERE


Don’t get bogged down carrying a bunch of crap, this isn’t a video game after all. This tactical survival shovel is equipped with everything from a fire starter to a bottle opener. Also, it just looks menacing as f**k! 16-in-1 Tactical Survival Shovel – $32.99 Get it HERE


It’s the end of the world so don’t expect to sleep well… that is unless your head is resting on a nice big ‘ole plush pair of boobs. Plush Boobs Pillow – $8.99 Get it HERE


Don’t waste all your money on pricey (and non-portable) containers of MRE’s and survival food. These bad boys can survive a nuclear blast and the 50 years that follow. 10 Pack Hostess Twinkies – $11.99 Get it HERE




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