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Students Buy NASA Uniforms At A Thrift Store For 20 Cents, When They Check The Label, They Are Dumbfounded!


The song “thrift shop” couldn’t be more fitting for what just happened to these lucky students who went shopping and struck gold for 20 cents at a thrift store.

For two college students from Titusville, Florida, that dream became a reality.

Two thrift-loving kids rummaged through a bargain bin—and walked away with the haul of a lifetime.

Talia Rappa, 20, and Skyer Ashworth, 24, have a lot in common—including a shared interest for space travel.

Rappa is a junior at the University of Central Florida studying astrophysics, and she dreams of being part of a NASA Mars mission.

Likewise, Ashworth will soon begin an aerospace program at Eastern Florida State College—a natural choice, given his family background.

“My parents worked NASA communications with the shuttle program,” he told WKMG. “And my grandfather even worked communications with the shuttle.”

But these aspiring astronauts are still college students, so they also have another shared interest: “thrifting.”

Over the summer the two enjoyed hitting up thrift stores to see what they could find—and when they heard the Titusville Salvation Army was going out of business, they knew they had to check it out.

The thrift shop had even lower prices than usual thanks to their inventory clearing, and all clothing items in the store were reduced to 20 cents.

That’s a great deal, even to pick up a few regular everyday items, and the students were browsing through the mounds of used clothes.

But then, they found something unusual that immediately captured their interest.





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