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11 Illustrations Perfectly Describes Single Life As A Man

For both man and woman single life is not easy. How much ever you tell that staying single is better but the desire of being with someone always stays with you. Compared a woman a guy is more desperate when single..

Here are some illustrations showing the single life of a man!

1. Single life of a man indeed is full of desperation. This one illustration captures it perfectly. 

2. However creepy these images by this illustrator seem to be, this the truth.

3. I have actually seen guys doing this. Standing and pretending to use their phone while looking at other girls.

4. This illustrator is a magician. He has aptly captured the single life of a man.

5. Girls, I know this kind of stare makes you uncomfortable so, I am sorry on behalf of every man who ever made you feel as such.

6. Library, yet another place for a man to curse his single life.

7. This is creepy on whole another level. But there is truth in it. This illustrator captures life really well.

8. A guy having a single life using his phone is never actually using it. He might be doing this.

9. Are the names written on the coffee cups same? Damn, this is straight up stalking now.

10. Girls if such things happen with you, report or let the guys understand it’s wrong.

11. Let’s just leave these accurate images of a man with a single life by the illustrator and think, why it’s wrong.

Photo: noonecares





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