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25 Highly Effective Illustrations By Japanese Artist That Will Make You Assume

The poetic illustrations of a Japanese Artist Avogado6 will make us see our everyday Life with a completely different eye. He is a very reserved person, not sharing many details of his life and goes on to write on his Twitter account “I am an ordinary person who likes chemistry,” but his works are extraordinary and effective. All his images are very affectionate and intense, containing a lot of feelings and emotions, that cannot be interpreted in mere words. Avogado6 has already published two books and has more than 650k followers on Twitter.

1. Sometimes life needs to be recharged in order to become effective, once again.

2. No matter how thorny one looks from the outside, but inside there’s a fragile soul.

3. When no one likes you, social media is one place, where you are widely accepted.

4. Parents disappear when their focus shifts from the child.

5. A time to kill oneself.

6. Being in the bondage of depression.

7. The biggest enemy is our insecurity and suspiciousness that chips away our brain.

8. Each one has it’s own path to travel.

9. Coffee is not the solution, ultimately you need blood to survive.

10. The entire world is gone very commercial, they follow a use and dispose of policy.

11. Life’s greatest pleasures sometimes come from animals, not humans.

12. An independent thinker.

13. When you are no more beneficial to society.

14. Without darkness, we would never have valued light.

15.The status of our education system is overly pressured.

16. In a depressed life, everything seems depressing.

17. A wolf can look like prince charming to someone who feels trapped.

18. You may smile outwardly, but from within you bleed.

19. Wisdom sometimes can be a burden and weigh you down.

20. Those who commit suicide are spineless, hence, the spine is the noose for them.

21. Nothing can be as effective as our childhood, which we all try to preserve.

22. Too much love can get you carried away.

23. No one would like to have a life without parents.

24. Lighting up other people’s lives with your own life is very effective.

25. A momentary pleasure via drugs is not at all effective in the long run.






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