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Foreigners Criticized for Begging In Poor Countries So They Can Travel the World


Foreigners visit tourist spots in Asia and considering that a huge number of people in the region are poor, it’s unfair for them to fund these tourists.

Travelling to exotic places like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines is nothing but a luxury that most of the people can’t really afford. However, foreigners are making their way into these countries just by begging for money in the streets.

Surprisingly, they get lots of sympathy from the locals and receive money for food, stay and transportation.

But it is unfair to the netizens for the presence of foreigners in poor countries in Asia because these people are begging for money so they can travel the world. And netizens feel that these foreigners are just robbing from the poor.

While these foreigners are also going to rich places such as Singapore to beg for money, many locals were fuming that they are ‘taking’ money from those who are truly needy, the ones who deserve to receive help instead of these travelers who simply ask for funds to finance their lifestyle choices.

Some of these foreigners actually do stuff like sing, dance, play music, or do magic tricks to entertain people to earn money and it is the locals’ choice to freely give to these ‘beg-packers’ (beggar backpackers) yet many might just feel that they have to give, mostly because Asians are big on empathy and feeling sorry for those who have no money and are away from their families!

Have you given money to these beg-packers? If ever you see one, would you help them out?

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