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These 10 Beauty Hacks Will Make You A Pro At Make Up!

We all have the ability to turn into Cinderella’s or whichever princess you wish to become. We no longer need to spend loads of money for expensive make overs or products now thanks to beauty gurus everything is at your finger tips.


  • Pain-Free Eyebrow Plucking

    To reduce discomfort associated with brow plucking, take a shower! The steam will help cleanse and open your pores. This preparation will make it so that your plucking experience is virtually painless!

  • Perfect False Lashes

    False lashes can truly transform any look, but they aren’t so cute when the white, gooey false lash band is visible! If you want to ditch that look, then simply cut your false lashes in half. Apply the outer-corner end of the lashes to the inside of your natural lash line.

    This technique can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to achieve full, natural-looking lashes.