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These 10 Beauty Hacks Will Make You A Pro At Make Up!

  • Accurate Nose Contouring

    Unless you’ve got the steady hand of a surgeon, it can be very difficult to accomplish that “skinny, straight nose” through contouring. Natalie suggests taking a bobby pin and manipulating it until it look a bit like a “U.”

    Next, you will apply it directly onto the nose so that the pin’s side’s pinch the outside of your nose. You can then go in with a dark powder and start shading away!

    If you like to add a bit of highlighter to the center of the nose, then turn the bobby pin around so that its ends are pointing down towards your lips. Use that small crevice as a stencil for brushing in an accurate, centralized highlight.

  • VapoRub for Fuller Lips

    Though our hilarious host notes that this method is not the most appetizing, it really does give you plumper lips! The secret is in the methanol, which helps stimulate the nerves in your pout, giving it a bit of a boost. Simply dab onto your lips as if you were applying normal lip balm.

  • Gorgeous Shadow Without the Fall-Out

    If you’re like me, half the time you go for a smoky eye look, you end up resembling a raccoon. If eye shadow fall-out is an issue for you, then go into your bathroom and go for a box of feminine pads. It sounds strange, but these suckers are great for shadow application.

    All you need to do is make a small cut at both of the rounded sides of the pad. Place a pre-cut semi-circle beneath both eyes, then apply your eye makeup. Carefully remove when done.