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14 Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know!

For any girl, beauty doesn’t come naturally. Some got to spend time priming and sharpening so as to urge the proper look that they need. In their own way, every girl is beautiful, but, it’s no secret that there are some who appear as if they pay far more time with their beauty routine than others. However, this doesn’t mean that each stunning girl in the world spends hours preparing every morning. There are beauty hacks or short cuts that simply assist you to appear like you spend hours within the rest room, whereas actually, you’ll only get to spend a couple of minutes.

1. Eat fresh fruits a lot. Fresh fruits help to glow your skin in an impactful way!

2. Spreading a lemon can cause your young bright beauty back!

3. Stir some lemon juice along with toothpaste in water and watch those blemishes vanish away to fresh white nails

4. Applying honey thrice a week gifts you that supple baby skin you always dreamed off!

5. Brushing banana peel two times per week for 10 minutes can take away those spots.

6. Chew a sugar-free mint gum many times on a daily basis to get rid of double chin.

7. Soak your feet in heat water for 10-20 minutes, clean well, apply a  bandage the toe and anti-fungal cream.

8. Go Green! And make sure you do it every day as it will help your beauty grow 1000 times more!

9. Exercise daily so that your heart stays strong and beauty hacks get the chance to work!

10. Use a credit card to get the perfect eyeliner

11. Draw 3 on your face to contor perfectly

12.Worried about your late night hangover?

13. For the mascara to give you the best result stick it up in your bra!

14. Give yourself a foot massage before you go to sleep






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