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Men Reveal The Body Parts They Consider Sexiest

You’ve absolutely asked this question before, if not out loud, then at least in your own head. What is it about your body that gets a guy’s blood pumping most? Is it really just boobs and a**? What other details of your body drive them nuts? Well, a bunch of guys have weighed in and we’ve collected some of the most popular answers. Ask your guy where he falls on this list so you know exactly what to accentuate to get him going. Which do you think is the sexiest feature on a woman? Do you agree with these answers?

Men’s most common answers. Each guy has his own individual taste, of course, so there is no right or wrong answer to this question. But, we are going to share with you the most common answers that men provided as to what they think is the sexiest part of a woman.

Her face.

One of the most popular answers amongst men was that it all depends on the face. If she has a beautiful face, that’s what’s most important. It is, quite literally, the crown jewel of the female body.

Her boobs.

Of course, this was a top choice. But how can you blame them? Boobs are great! Whether you describe yourself as “a boobs guy” or “a butt guy,” everyone can appreciate a good pair.

Her overall shape.

Men also said that a woman’s overall shape is important in determining how attractive she is. Her proportions and ratios have to be right – whatever that means. So really, it doesn’t always come down to specific details.

Her lower back/hips.

A lot of men said that there was something about where the lower back meets the hips/butt that drives them absolutely nuts. Women are beautiful because of their curves and that is certainly an area that brings out the curves.

Her booty.

And this, of course, brings us to the a**. After all of the songs on the radio you’ve heard, it’s not hard to guess that many guys fawn over the booty. For many guys, the bigger the better!

Her legs.

Every shoe retailer in the world can tell you this one. Guys love legs! It’s why millions and millions of high heels are sold and bought each year. Anything that shows off a woman’s legs is a must have.

Her eyes.

Aw, how romantic. Yes, guys do love a woman because of her eyes. Staring into a beautiful set of eyes is a huge turn-on for any gender, as far as we’re concerned. They can tell you all you need to know about a person, too.

Her thighs.

A lot of guys just said they liked the legs in general, but many made sure to zero in on the thighs. The thighs are the thickest part of the leg and are closest to the hidden prize at the end, if you get what we mean. A lot of guys like to put their hands on a nice pair of meaty thighs.

Her neck.

While this wasn’t as hot of an answer as boobs, face, and butt, the neck did show up for a lot of guys as a sexy body part. The neck is a very sensual area. Where the neck slopes down toward the shoulders tends to be a classically feminine, delicate area.

Personality does affect how attractive she is. Ladies, you’re not alone when you say that a guy with a good personality can appear ten times hotter to you. Guys feel the same way. If a woman is decently attractive but has a killer personality, that bumps her up off the charts.

Women are gorgeous beings. There were plenty of men who refused to answer the question in specific detail. One redditor said, “Women’s bodies are one of the most beautiful creations ever.” It’s hard to disagree with you there, man!

Use it to your advantage. Now that you know what turns guys on the most, how will you use this information to your advantage? Which parts of your body will you make sure to pay the most attention to when you get ready for a night out? For our part, it seems like the face is the most important.

Let’s flip it around. Let’s ask the reverse question. Ladies, what do you think are the sexiest body parts on a man? Be sure to let us know what and why in the comments! We’d love to know (and guys probably would, too).

Looks fade. Yes, we are attracted to our sexual partners in part because of their physical beauty. However, when you’re old and wrinkly, what’s going to matter most? The only things that will really stay the same are their eyes and their personality. Make sure you make the right choice.





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