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10 Scary Human-Animal Encounters At Zoo’s In The Past

The Detroit Zoo in 1990.


Rick Swope jumped in the enclosure, not to do anything foolish but as an act of bravery to rescue a drowning chimpanzee. The other chimps did not harm the man.

The Jersey Zoo in 1986.

A 5 year old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit and was knocked unconscious by the fall. A male silverback gorilla kept watch until child woke up and began to cry due to which all the gorilla ran away. The boy was later rescued.

SeaWorld Orlando in 1999.


A dead naked man was found by sea word employees when they came to work in the morning. The event has been unexplained till date.

The Brookfield Zoo in 1996.

Everyone thought that things were not going to end well when a child fell into a gorilla enclosure but luckily a female gorilla, Binti Jua saved the child by bringing her to the entrance.

The Berlin Zoo in 2009.

A foolish woman jumped into a polar bear enclosure as she loved the animals. She was bitten several times before being rescued by zoo employees.