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11 Bizarre Defense Systems Animals Have!

Its survival of the fittest but also the smartest. Here are some bizarre animals and their weird defence systems that are crazy!

11. Wood frog

Source: Brian Gratwicke via Flickr

Wood frogs have a very interesting way of defending themselves from their main enemy – the cold.

Every winter, wood frogs find themselves in a pickle due to the extremely low temperature. Fortunately, these animals managed to adapt to this and learned to control their glucose level as a form of anti-freezing mechanism. With the high level of glucose, they can stay in a frozen state for the rest of the winter with their blood vessels still intact. Then, after the winter, their body returns to its normal state by using the excess glucose to generate electric charge that can pump their heart back to life.

10. Flying fish

Source: omao.noaa.gov

Flying fish is a type of fish that – as its name suggests – can fly. Well technically, they actually can’t, but their ability to make powerful leaps out of water creates the illusion of flying.

According to the studies, their self-propelled leaps are actually their defense mechanism against predators. Through their tail fin, flying fish can jump up to 656 feet in the air at the speed of 37mph.

9. Hagfish

Source: Stan Shebs

Hagfish is one of the oldest organisms here on Earth. With 300 million years of existence upon its belt, hagfish is the only remaining vertebrate that has a skull.

In order to protect itself from harm, hagfish releases a slimy substance to its predators. They can expel for up to 20 liters of this slimy substance which acts as a distraction and can even choke its attacks on rare occasions.

8. Potato beetle

Source: Scott Bauer, USDA ARS

Potato beetles employ a different tactic in order to avoid turning into other larger insects’ meal. During their larval phase, they blanket themselves with their poisonous stinking dung which in turn, repels their predators.

Potato beetles get this poison from the nightshade plant they consume. This type of defense mechanism, despite its disgusting nature, is actually fairly common to many species in the animal kingdom. It is called the fecal shield.

7. Boxer crab

Source: Pixabay

Whenever the boxer crabs sense a danger nearby, they reveal the sea anemones hidden inside their claws. These pom-poms-looking things are actually pretty handy against potential predators because the boxer crabs use them as their makeshift stingers.

These sea anemones, while used as boxer crabs’ defense mechanism, also benefit from this because it gives them the needed mobility that allows them to hunt for food.




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