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Chimp Playing ‘Airplane’ With Baby Is The Best Thing You Will Be Seeing On The Internet Today

I am sure most of you would have played airplane as a kid with your parents, siblings and besties and that will never fade away from your memory. But, with all due respect to all your efforts, this one has to be the best.

It will floor you and not many would argue about it being called the best. This video swept away people’s heart as an adult and an infant chimp play the airplane game.

The chimp even gets naughty by shaking her baby to stimulate turbulence and as if saving the best for the last, the pair embrace in a lovely cuddle at the end.

The video was captured by the Tai Chimpanzee Project (TCP), a research group that has been following a group of chimpanzees for the past 3 decades.

The website states: “At present the project is following three habituated neighbouring communities totaling some 100 individuals.

“Each group is followed by a team of several Ivorian field assistants, international research assistants, PhD students and researchers on a daily basis.”

Unfortunately, the chimpanzees are at risk of extinction because of the reckless human actions.

As pointed out by WWF: “Chimpanzees have already disappeared from four African countries, and are nearing extinction in many others. Deforestation and commercial hunting for bushmeat are taking a terrible toll on most populations.”

Hopefully, the video will also remind humans of why it is necessary to protect these regions of the world as they face damage from human activity.






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