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The Hunter Thought That The Bear Died But Moments Later The Beast Attack The Hunter

A group of hunters learned their lesson that it’s best not to approach a wounded bear.

The hunters thought that they had shot down a black bear, but, much to their surprise the bear was seen minding its own business up a tree. Much to their horror, the fallen bear got right up again, and started chasing down one of the screaming hunters.

The terrifying footage does not show if the hounds had chased the small black bear up a tree, but we do see the bear hanging onto the branches of a tall tree. The wounded bear didn’t realize that its real enemy was not the hounds, but the man aiming his rifle at it from a distance.

The beaded men signaled the cameraman and fired at the bear in the tree.

The bear hide himself behind the skinny tree. The bear fortunately missed the first and second shots missed, but, the third shot hit.

Immediately, the bear dropped from the tall tree. The bear fortunately survived the after being shot and taking such a huge fall. The man thought that the bear was killed who was waiting nearby the base of the tree.

When the hunter saw the bear falling from the tall tree, he ran quickly ran up to the “dead” bear. But instead of collecting his prey, he almost became prey himself as he ran away screaming.

When the bearded man saw his fellow man being chased and attacked by the bear he had just shot, he quickly ran to rescue, carrying his rifle.

The video shows that the man who was attacked sustained only “minor injuries.” “But it could have been much worse.”

Although an image at the end of the clip indicates the bear didn’t escape, the saying—and this is in reference to the hunter—“what goes around comes around,” may apply here.

Watch the video below:

Photo: Ntd