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Lioness Wrestles Man Who Raised Her As A Cub In Mexico

This is a heat-touching moment when a lioness was reunited with the man who raised her as a cub.

The lioness, Kiara, who was named after the Lion King character, leapt on her former owner in delight when the pair were reintroduced at her new home in Mexico City.

When she was a baby, Adolfo rescued the big cat but she was later moved to the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation to receive specialist care.

Kiara the lioness was reunited with Adolfo after the pair were split up so she could receive care from The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

Kiara ran out of her enclosure and leapt on her former owner in an endearing show of affection

Initially, the sanctuary shared the footage of the reunion on Facebook in 2015 but it has since re-emerged on the internet, amassing almost three million views.

The video footage shows Kiara leap on Adolfo and bring him to the ground as she nuzzles into him and receives big cuddles.

In 2013, the Mexico-based foundation was set up by Mexican businessman Eduardo Serio after he became frustrated at the mistreatment of big cats.

The centre has since cared for around 300 ‘Big Felines’, including Lions, Jaguars, Tigers, Leopards, Lynxes, Pumas.

Adolfo had helped raise Kiara when she was a cub in Mexico, but she was rehoused in order to receive more appropriate care as she grew older

Footage of the reunion was shared by the foundation on Facebook and has since received almost 3 million views

The pair are seen lavishing each other with cuddles in their long-anticipated reunion in Mexico






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