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Man Found ‘Strange’ Babies By The Road, But He Was Stunned When They Grew Up!

One day a man was going about his work, repairing a traffic pole at an intersection in Denver, when he came across something totally surprising … two baby squirrels had fallen from their nest. Thinking about the fate that would await them if he left them there on the sidewalk, he took the leap of faith and carried them home.

George Holt and his wife, Patty, instantly welcomed the idea of look after the newfound babies. In fact, they took the idea to the next level. They decided to film the whole experience and upload it to YouTube by the name of the “Baby Squirrel Project,” a series that has gathered thousands of likes since they started capturing the footage in 2013, for more than two months.

They named the adorable duo “Fred” and “Ginger.”

Nurturing the squirrels back to health was not an easy task for the kind couple. In order to manage their care responsibly, they needed to first educate themselves, so they took to the internet to learn about looking after baby squirrels.

Routines included warm baths…


Their dog, Jiggs, also joined in the project … in fact, he seemed to develop a liking towards the new house guests.

Thirty days went by sooner than expected. George and Patty noticed that both squirrels were growing rapidly. They were now also able to include solid foods in their diet.

And then, finally, came the day when the couple had to let their newfound friends back into the wild. After 70 delightful days, George and Patty brought Fred and Ginger to the Squirrel Creek Lodge in Colorado in order to let them return to their true home.

For George and Patty, saying goodbye was of course not easy. But they knew that while they lost a small part of their family, they’re only giving Fred and Ginger what they deserve, to be free.

Watch the video below:

Photo: inspiring.ntd.tv






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