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Severe Mange Was Turning Dog Into Living Stone. Take A Look At Her Now

Severe mange had formed crusts as hard as rock on the hairless body of this poor stray dog. No one knows for how long the poor dog had been suffering in that state, but then one fortunate day, her life changed for the better!

When the rescue team of Animal Aid India found this forsaken little soul, struggling to survive, they instantly got into action to save the poor animal.

The video below shows how a rescuer carefully hands her a crisp to eat, which the hungry animal humbly accepts. The team then drove her to the animal shelter, where she was treated for her chronic mange, which had already formed big crusts on her hairless, emaciated body. The mange was so severe that it would have certainly killed her had she not been treated immediately.

The kindhearted volunteers tended to her poor body at once, applying antibiotic creams to relieve her pain and to soften the hard crusts on her skin.

Day after day, while bathing her tenderly, they meticulously pulled off the crusts. As the rescuers cleaned and tended to her, the look in Alice’s eyes would often be heart-wrenching, as if showing her gratefulness for all their tender love and care!

Animal Aid India’s rescue staff indeed did heart-melting work, providing unconditional care for Alice; Alice too proved herself to be a braveheart.

Alice after six weeks, as if thanking her rescue team for their kindness!







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